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Under The Bird


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Piri Pāua have created a collection of four different Educational, Fun and Interactive Flashcards. All sets have pairs to play games like Memory, Fishy Fishy and also for dialogue interaction.


He Kuranga Tamaiti is an awesome start to basic everyday Te reo Māori, these easy to say words we can use on a daily basis. They cover a variety of subjects such as genders, nature, and food.  This set comprises of 5 Vowels and 10 Consonants.  15 unique picture cards, they come in pairs to play games such as Fishy Fishy, memory and promotes dialogue.

Pepeha, to identify your ties to your Tūrangawaewae. A Pepeha is very common and some would say a formal way Māori would introduce themselves. In this Pepeha set, we have 14 unique pictures. Maunga, Awa, Marae and relations e.g Māmā , Pāpā, and more.  This set comes doubled to play games such as creating stories through dialogue, fishy fishy, memory and more.  +1 Translation Card.

Ngā Kararehe. This set is a great way to expand your Te reo Māori vocabulary as we have used animals from all sorts of habitats, deserts, farms, and wildlife animals. We have used 5 vowels and 10 Consonants  There are 15 unique pictures. They come doubled up to play games such as Fishy Fishy, memory, encourage dialogue and more.  + 1 Translation card