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Piri Paua


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O ia o lo’o faailoa atu ai lagona ese’ese e maua e le tagata soifua, ia e malamalama ma ia e iloa lelei le ituaiga lagona e maua so’o se taimi. 

These feelings and state picture cards encourages children to understand emotional awareness so they can better identify what they need, what they want (or don’t want). Understanding your emotions promotes emotional intelligence and can lead to developing self-awareness. 

This set includes:

17 types of emotions and states. X 2

Total 34 coloured cards 

All cards have an English translation printed on the front. 

Piri Pāua have created a collection of four different Educational, Fun and Interactive Flashcards. All sets have pairs to play games like Memory, Fishy Fishy and also for dialogue interaction.